“Artscape Launchpad will be a game-changer that connects the creativity of thousands of artists with business acumen and thrusts the Toronto region into a leadership position in creative sector entrepreneurship development.”

–RICHARD FLORIDA, Author and Director, Martin Prosperity Institute

What is Launchpad?

Artscape Launchpad is a new model of creative space: part incubator, part co-working facility and part entrepreneurship centre. Scheduled to open in 2018 as part of the Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts complex, it has been designed by Artscape to provide art and design professionals with the tools, resources, training and mentorship to build successful careers rooted in sustainable businesses. Artscape Launchpad members will gain access to a 30,000 square-foot, multi-disciplinary co-working environment full of equipment and technology, as well as a whole suite of programs and services to help them grow their incomes and launch new businesses.

  • Collaboration & Networking
  • Office Amenities
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Business Planning & Resources
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Collaboration
  • Market Connections
  • Ultra-High-Speed Broadband Access

Learning Labs

Five dedicated learning labs will allow for year-round enrolment in courses, workshops, events and project-based learning initiatives. Launchpad’s learning labs will range in size from 500 to 2,000 square feet with the largest accommodating 200 people.

Creative Co-working Studios

Co-working studios will offer access to state-of-the-art design tools and rapid prototyping equipment; fully equipped digital photography, film and sound production facilities, including a green screen studio; and creative production studios that will include jewellery, fashion and textiles. This multi-disciplinary environment will allow designers/makers, craftspeople and artists to develop work individually or collaboratively.

Creative Commons

Launchpad will include a “creative commons” with a community kitchen, communal work areas and hot desks, a flexible event space and an outdoor patio. The creative commons will allow creative ideas to flow freely so that chance encounters around the water cooler may develop into collaborations leading to innovation.

Artscape Launchpad has grown out of nearly a decade of collaboration and research with colleges, universities and trade organizations. We've focused on how we can help individuals and small businesses in the art and design communities thrive. The combination of programs, services and facilities that Launchpad will bring together is unprecedented. It will be a game-changer for artists and designers, a major boost for Ontario's $23 billion creative economy and a jolt of urban acupuncture that will help bring Toronto's waterfront to life.


Scheduled to open in 2018, Artscape Launchpad will be located at the Daniels Waterfront – City of the Arts complex, which is currently under construction on the waterfront.

Development Partner: The Daniels Corporation, Interior Design: Quadrangle Architects, Mechanical & Electrical: Smith & Andersen, Acoustics: J.E. Coulter Associates Ltd., Building Architect: RAW Design, Rafael + Bigauskas Architects

"Launchpad is a tremendous opportunity to apply the principles of company incubation to the creative industries sector."

– DR. SARA DIAMOND, President and Vice Chancellor, OCAD University

"Artscape Launchpad has identified  a crucial gap in how we create artists  and will be instrumental in building bridges between craft, artistry and business acumen."

– JEFF ZABUDSKY, President, Sheridan College

"Artscape Launchpad is a brilliant response to a major gap in the entrepreneurial infrastructure of the Toronto region."

– MERIC GERTLER, President, University of Toronto