Grow a sustainable business from your creative practice

The Creative Entrepreneurship Program is the most in-depth, flexible and personalized of our programs. It supports artists and creative professionals in building a successful, sustainable creative business. The hands-on nature of the course means you can evolve your business idea and start earning money from your new business while you learn.

Break-out sessions and expert guest speakers supplement the curriculum, to deliver a solid foundation in business fundamentals, practical insights and an invaluable professional network for your future.

What you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive curriculum tailored to artists and designers, covering topics such as:
    • Customer development
    • Branding and promotion
    • Taxation and company formation
    • Intellectual property and other legal issues
    • Pricing methodology and creating your unique value proposition
    • Financial management and funding
    • Goal setting and live-work balance
  • The Creative Business Canvas - a lean and flexible business planning tool
  • Insights and coaching from expert guest speakers
  • Hands-on learning and break-out sessions in class
  • Bonus! Your program fee includes a an Artscape Community Card, which provides a free Flex Studio Membership at Artscape Youngplace, and discounts on residencies at Artscape Gibraltar Point
  • Bonus! Program graduates receive 20% off Launchpad Ignite workshops

What you’ll learn:

  • Business models and growth planning strategies for success
  • Financial management techniques and pricing strategies
  • How to test ideas and reduce risk
  • How to navigate taxation and legal responsibilities
  • Methods to create and deliver value for customers
  • Branding, marketing and communications skills

What you’ll gain:

  • Tools to simplify your administrative processes
  • Guidelines for market expansion
  • Loyal, enthusiastic customers
  • Increased earnings
  • Protection for your intellectual property
  • A community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs

Program Details:

Program Tuition: $575+HST
Students are expected to attend all classes within a session.


Grant Opportunity:

Participants who complete the Creative Entrepreneurship Program may qualify for a grant of up to $2,000 and a one-year complimentary membership at the Artscape Daniels Launchpad facility through the City of Toronto's Starter Company Plus Program.

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Next Sessions:

North York

North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge St.


Friday, September 15 to Friday, October 20, 2017
(Weekly 9AM-5PM)
Apply by September 1, 2017

Toronto (Downtown)


October: Dates TBA
Stay Tuned for
Application Deadlines

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